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But you know um I think it has a lot to do with drinking Hennessy you know you know what Henessy gets to you by drink energy I don’t want to fight argue but come on no I’ve heard that I’m not saying that I’ve heard that but it doesn’t affect me like that so so you’re saying when you start drinking energy.

You become the aggressor or you become I feel like everybody I feel like alcohol or whatever your drug of choice is like you know kind of shameful I feel like when that’s in your system and you’re hanging now.

And you get into a argument it goes from verbal altercations for physical altercations is pretty easy simple we have a couple of bullet points and we’ll get to them in a minute I just want to tell a story that happened to me.

Today with concerning my wife and the blade on you I’ll tell you what happened in a second getting back to you I mean it did show so are you in a relationship now not all Maliki’s can you talk yeah yeah yeah.

I mean I would I would call it a relationship I just got I just got a box in the jaw like a couple days ago nice nice nice yeah yeah that’s it nice so that’s that’s really love when you want up in the hospital right yeah that’s the ultimate right when you want to be a hospital ward okay all right can we calm down let’s be serious.

Right now like i have i look like an abandonment issues right so wait let me let me let me just reintroduce our Jersey Carla I know I thought I introduced you but let’s let’s say hello to Josie call them real quick and I’ll come right back Romina okay go are you doing I’m doing good yeah just came from the strip club [Music] you are a double player yeah yeah mm-hmm I’m in class hell oh so you went so uh so you went to the strip club a some drinks and watch some women tonight.

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