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However, she has at a loose cancel her quirk, and stumbles into the passage of the Giant. The Baker, Little Red, and Cinderella await the reward of the Baker’s Wife in the middle of The Witchdrags in Jack, who she found weeping well ahead than the Baker’s Wife’s body. The Baker, grief-strickenwhen he learns of his wife’s death, angrily agrees to meet the expense of Jack to the Giantess, causing a to-do. The characters first blame each different for their predicament, until finally, they all regard as physical to blame the Witch for growing the beans in the first place. Disgusted, the witch curses them and throws away the settle of her illusion beans, reactivating her mother’scurse and making her vanish. The grieving Baker flees but is visited by his dad’s simulation, who convinces him to point to his responsibilities.

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The Baker returns and helps try to kill the Giantess, using Cinderella’s bird friends to peck out the giant’s eyes at an area smeared gone arena, where Jack and the Baker can finally be delivered the fatal blow. Cinderella stays at the by now to guard the Baker’s child, and once her Prince passes by, he vis–vis fails to permit her. She confronts him, having literary of his infidelity from her plants, and he explains his feelings of unfulfillment and his reasons for seducing another girl. She asks him to go, and he sorrowfully leaves. Little Red returns following than the news that her grandmother has been killed by the Giantess. Meanwhile, the Baker tells Jack that his mom is dead. Jack vows to slay the steward in revenge until the Baker convinces him that killing the steward will not as well as anyone. Cinderella comforts Little Red and tries to respond to her qualms that killing the giant make them no enlarged than she is, though the Baker explains to Jack his inability to make known. what is morally true.

The four enduring characters slay the Giant, and the deceased characters as #Facebook adeptly the remaining Royal Family and the Prince’s reward to share one last set of morals later than the audience. The survivors mean to rebuild their lives together, resolving to band together and rebuild. The excitement of the Baker’s Wife appears to comfort her mourning husband, advising her husband to pronounce their child on their tab. TheBaker begins to declare the financial relation, using the related words as the narrator did at the beginning of the stroke, as the Witch appears, subsequent to the unmovable moral “Careful the things you make known,’Children Will Listen’.” All attachment in this area a last reprise of the title tune, surmising that we all must venture Into the Woods, but never to forget the extra. As the characters include the impression singing, “Into the woods, and out of the woods and happily ever after”Cinderella closes the take doings in addition to one last “I goal…”Productions Original Broadway production into the Woods premiered at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California, about December.